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{{answer_10886960}}, how would you rate yourself on your ability to ...

... build and lead a team?

... stay positive under pressure?

... proactively reach out and help others?

... come up with creative solutions?

Would your friend say you... get things done fast?

Would your friend say you are... able to quickly see problems?

Would your friend say you are... able to quickly see opportunities?

What previous experience, if any, do you have in volunteering with other anti-trafficking organizations?

Please give as much detail as you can about previous duties and roles.
'What motivates you to end human trafficking?

if there was a significant event, or story and experience, please tell us about it.
Have you ever been charged and/or convicted of any crime? If so please explain? *

Everyone has history and things we wish we would have done differently. We value transparency and honesty, so please let us know what happened.
If moving to Thailand, how would you describe your health?

If moving to Thailand, please detail any physical impairment, chronic disease or disability.

Thailand has awesome food!  However, they also don't always "believe" allergies exists. So, if moving to Thailand, please detail any medications and/or allergies to food or medication.  Any recurring health conditions that we should know about?

How much does your faith perspective motivate you to be involved with anti-trafficking efforts? *

Don't worry, this is not a trick questions. There is no right or wrong answer. :)
Who are some of your favorite Christian authors or pastors. Any favorite podcasts you listen to? *

No right or wrong answer, so please don't worry. We all have heroes and people that influence our perspectives and it helps us get to know you a little bit better.
Is there anything else we should know?

These applications are tough to create and we realize we often forget to ask an important question. Please let us know what we should have also asked you about.
We just need to confirm. Is everything you shared truthful and correct? *

You still have time to double check.
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